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How do I know if Biliplan is the solution I need?

Our experts support you in getting started with the tool and you are followed virtually for 1 month through our chat.


Test the application for free for 1 month and make your opinion.

What is the difference between Biliplan and my ERP?

Biliplan is the solution you need for the execution of the  S&OP process.
It is true that S&OP was born out of the planning process, known as MRP, or ERP (Manufacturing resource planning), it has however become much more than that.
It is a decision-support process, made for Top management to monitor and control the smooth running of the business. It is a process that is both operational and financial that allows us to “read the future”.

What decisions does Biliplan help me make?

Biliplan supports you in all your decisions related to the following themes:

  • service level

  • sales volumes

  • industrial capacity

  • finished and semi-finished product inventory

  • order book

  • financial performance

We develop the best S&OP scenario for you and, where appropriate, offer you different alternatives selected by your teams. You can then use factual and documented arguments to make strong decisions. This will avoid non-optimal decisions made by different functional experts organized in silos, for example, "cash is too low, let's decrease inventory", or "our level of service must be improved, let's increase stocks".

Do I need to do S&OP if I already do Lean?

These two processes are very different.
Lean is a very powerful tool to reduce industrial losses, reduce delays, improve quality. It is geared towards the industrial platform, suppliers and immediate customers.
The S&OP is a medium-long term process which gives visibility to the future, to anticipate the volatility of demand as soon as possible and balance demand with supply.

I do not manufacture the merchandise that I sell, do I need to do S&OP?

If you need to align your supplies with demand then Yes, you need to do S&OP!

You have even less control over suppliers, so it's all the more important to anticipate and follow them well.

How involved must the top management of my copany be in the S&OP process?

S&OP is a decision making process.

Leaders are essential to the process by their ability to align each other's objectives, arbitrate conflicts and make final decisions. Biliplan makes every effort to alleviate and facilitate this involvement of managers.

Our main objective: The right decision, the first time

How often should the S&OP process be repeated?

The S&OP process is a monthly process, the culmination of which is the Executive meeting which takes place around the 20th of each month. Before this day, 3 key stages: demand planning  review, supply planning review and pre-meeting. During these stages, the middle management takes all possible decisions and makes recommendations for the Executive meeting.
For small to medium companies this process can be adapted to the size of the business in order to make the best use of top management time.

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